Receive Faxes Directly in Slack

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The Unique FaxToSlack Features

  • Faxes are instantly added to your selected Slack channel
  • Share faxes across your Slack team
  • Collaborate, comment and file faxes within Slack
The leader in fax communications for a quarter century
  • 25 years as leaders in the fax industry
  • Extensive, robust, redundant fax-centric network
  • Highly scalable solution that enables you to grow
  • 24/7 system monitoring by our technical staff
  • A simple, easy to use, worry free solutions
  • Reliable fax delivery experience


Yes, all new accounts receive a free 30-day trial that can receive up to 250 faxes. After the 30 days, or receiving 250 faxes your account will be charged according to your selected plan.
Yes, you can use FaxToSlack but only USA and Canadian fax numbers are available at this time. The sender will be responsible for any long distance charges.
No, but this is planned for a future version of FaxToSlack.
No, FaxToSlack creates a new fax number based on the Country, Province/State and City that you select during the registration process.
FaxToSlack assigns your new fax number based on Country, Province/State and City that you select during the registration process.
At the moment, our service can only receive faxes. Sending faxes from Slack is planned for a future release.
The faxes are saved under the Slack channel that was selected in the registration process.
FaxToSlack will keep your faxes in a temporary repository for up to 30 days, and when you update your billing information with a valid credit card all your faxes will be sent to Slack. If you do not update your credit card information within the 30 days, your account and your faxes will be removed without a recovery option.
In order to connect to Slack, the user has to enter three input fields:
  1. Team - This is a text field associated with email address, there is a way to find the team that your email is associated with by using the following Slack tool.
    (the tool will send you the team name that your email is associated with.)
  2. Email - email address of the user (the same user may belong to more than one team).
  3. Password - The password that is associated with this email.
Yes, the registration process remembers the steps that you completed and you can continue the installation from the last step that you completed.
FaxToSlack has a control panel where you can configure the FaxToSlack configuration parameters.
Yes, our tight integration with Slack allows the FaxToSlack to continue to work even if you changed your Slack password.
We are a Canadian company and according to the law we charge tax for services provided in Canada.
All incoming faxes as saved as a PDF.
The fax will be uploaded and saved to your selected Slack channel as an attachment.
The FaxToSlack servers only store the fax temporarily to facilitate the file transfer.
No, all received faxes are stored in your selected Slack channel.
FaxToSlack requires write:user and channels:read permissions.